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391PA15 : City of Asheville v State of North Carolina, et al.
 All Documents For This Case : Docket Sheet
 Motion (m-amicus)Filed By: Kimberly Hibbard2015-12-07
 Other Brief (amicus)Filed By: Gabriel Du Sablon03/07/2016
 Other Brief (amicus)Filed By: Allegra Collins03/07/2016
 Appellee BriefFiled By: Isham Hicks04/15/2016
 Motion (m-amicus)Filed By: Edward Coyne12/04/2015
 Motion (m-amicus)Filed By: Gabriel Du Sablon12/04/2015
 Motion (m-amicus)Filed By: Allegra Collins12/01/2015
 Appellant Brief (reply)Filed By: Matthew Sawchak04/27/2016
 Notice (na-cq-rd)Filed By: Matthew Sawchak11/24/2015
 Petition (pws)Filed By: Matthew Sawchak11/24/2015
 Other Brief (amicus)Filed By: Kimberly Hibbard2016-03-07
 ResponseFiled By: Isham Hicks12/07/2015
 Motion (m-ext-br)Filed By: Isham Hicks03/29/2016
 Appellant BriefFiled By: Matthew Sawchak03/03/2016
 Motion (m-ext-br)Filed By: Matthew Sawchak02/16/2016
 ResponseFiled By: Matthew Sawchak12/18/2015

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